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Chux Picked Lottery Number Analyzer for Pick 3 & Pick 4 games from A Lottery Number Picker

This Picked Lottery Number Analyzer will examine your list of Pick 3 or Pick 4 numbers that you have picked and compare them against the drawn numbers.  This Analyzer will then produce a detailed report showing how many of the drawn numbers match your picked numbers, including a summary table of Matches in each board/panel and a pair of Lottery Frequency charts.  Pretty Neat!

  • Select a Lottery Game Type.
  • Type or Paste your Picked Numbers into the Text Area. See List Hints below for
    list format suggestions
  • If you are pasting a list of picks that were created/generated by one of the Lottery Number Picker machines, then be certain to check the appropriate checkbox.
  • Enter the Drawn Ball Numbers.  If you Select & Copy the Drawn Ball Numbers from another source, you can try our Paste Drawn Numbers button feature.
  • Click the 'BEGIN' Button.

The resulting analysis will identify every matching number, highlight your wins, show a summary table, and two frequency tables.

The Analyzer will verify that you have entered the correct quantity of Drawn Balls.

Note:  The Analyzer will also verify that your list breaks down into some multiple of how many Balls are selected during a drawing, i.e. 3 or 4 balls times the quantity of boards (panels).
Select a Lottery Game Type:
Pick 3     Pick 4

Enter (paste) your list of Picked Numbers:

Click on the Checkbox
if your list was generated by
A Lottery Number Picker
and it has Card Numbers & Board Letters:

Otherwise enter your Picked Numbers only!

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List of Picked Numbers Text Area:

Enter or Drawn Numbers:

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."
Questions?  Comments?

If you are experiencing difficulties using our Lottery Number Analyzer, please send in an email, the number list you are using, along with any of the Drawn numbers/balls, and the Game Type (Pick 3 or Pick 4) and any other comments, questions, or suggestions you may have.

Hints for formatting your list of Lottery Number Picks

Your list of Picked Number that you type or paste into the List's Text Area can either be just numbers or a list with Card Numbers, Board (Panel) Letters, & rows of picked numbers.

Here is a sample list of numbers somebody might have picked for a " Pick 4 " game:

1 5 0 9
0 0 3 8
0 2 6 3
8 1 2 2
9 2 3 1
8 9 1 3
3 9 8 4
5 1 1 3
1 3 3 4
2 2 2 3
4 0 8 9
6 0 7 6

Give 'em a try by Selecting, Copying, then Pasting the list into the Text Area!  Try these ball numbers as the Drawn Balls: 2, 1, 2, and 8.

The only acceptable list that includes more than picked numbers(digits) is one in the format created by one of A Lottery Number Picker machines. Here is a link to a typical machine, Pick 4.  If you want to experiment with the Lottery Number Analyzer, go to one of the Lottery Number Generator machines (the whole dad-gummed list is available from the Menu), and fill-out a few cards.

Either before or after you have created a list, open a simple word processor (Wordpad, Notepad, etc.).

Note: Be certain to set the word processor's type font to Courier or some other mono-spaced type font.

Back on the screen where you filled out a few cards, click on the "Your Results" button to display your list of picked numbers.  Select all or a portion of the "Your Results" screen and copy it onto your word processor page.  In Windows®, you can touch the key sequences, Control A and Control C to make things go really fast.

From your word processor screen, carefully select only the Card Numbers, the board (panel) Letters and complete rows of picked numbers.  Then Copy (Control C).

Now come back to the Lottery Number Analyzer screen, position the Insertion Point (move the mouse pointer into the upper left-hand corner of the Text Area for your list and then left-click), and then Paste the list into the Text Area. (Hint: Using Windows®, you can Control V to Paste).

Note: Be certain to place a checkmark in the checkbox for "Click on the Checkbox if your list was generated by A Lottery Number Picker and it has Card Numbers & Board Letters".

Make certain (for this experiment only) that your Game type is " Pick 4".

Type in 4 Drawn Ball numbers (either 4 that you've made up or 4 from some previous drawing.  Finally, click on the "Click Here to BEGIN Analysis" button. If everything was entered correctly, the Analysis Results screen will appear, showing the Drawn Ball numbers that match with your picks; and a Table of Matches and two Tables of Frequency.

Give 'em a try by Selecting, Copying then Pasting the list into the Text Area!!

Have a Ball! (pun intended ~grin~)

When you are lucky, you will see what we mean by 'Highlighted'!

Here's to you... hoping that you see a lot of highlighted Matches.

Remember to always play responsibly!